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Booking an appointment at Sydney Pain Specialists 


  • Our clinic requires a referral letter, workcover approval (if applicable) and completed questionnaire (online form) prior to making an appointment.

  • The comprehensive online form will cover your medical history and include pain questionnaires to ensure your specialist has a thorough understanding of your condition. 

  • Set aside 15 minutes to complete and have your Medicare, private health fund details, medication list and work cover details (if applicable) available.

  • Once we receive these, we will contact you and book you into the first available appointment at the available location of your choice.


Register interest for an appointment below:

Thanks for submitting!

Prior to your first appointment

Our office will require a valid referral from either your General Practitioner or Specialist Doctor. A valid referral also ensures you can claim a portion of the consultation fee through Medicare:

  • Specialists letters are valid for 3 months

  • GP letters are valid for 12 months

Once you have arranged a referral please contact our office and you will be guided to fill in online questionnaires. Allow yourself 15-20 minutes to complete. Have your medication list, Medicare, private health, Workers compensation claim numbers (if applicable) handy. Please answer all questions as accurately as possible to ensure we have a thorough understanding of your pain and medical history prior to your consultation. This ensures your appointment time with our doctors is maximised.

Request a Translator (If applicable): Please inform our staff if you have special requirements including the requirement of a translator.

First appointment


  • Please arrive early as parking may be limited

  • Please bring copies of any scans E.g. X-rays, MRI,

  • Please bring other allied health medical reports not included in the referral letter

Follow up visits

New referrals may be necessary 12 months after your first referral  or 3 months after if you have been referred by a Specialist. Please
check with your doctor or our staff.


  • If you are unable to attend your appointment, please inform us at least 48 hours prior to your appointment to allow other patients opportunity to see our specialists.

  • For Patients who fail to turn up for an appointment without informing the clinic, it will be at the discretion of the clinic to request pre-payment for further appointments made.

Consultation Fees


  • Fees are payable in full at the completion of the consultation.

  • We accept EFTPOS, credit card and cash

  • For consultations paid by third party Insurers or Workers compensation schemes , we require approval documentation prior to consultation

  • At Sydney Pain, we offer direct Medicare claiming. This means you will receive the Medicare rebate for your consultation into your nominated bank account within 24 hours once you have paid the full consultation fee.

Procedural Fees

Privately insured patients:

At Sydney Pain specialists we have the facility to directly invoice your health fund and Medicare on your behalf for all procedures.

For most procedures, there will be a Known Gap fee which is the amount not covered by Medicare nor your private health fund. Our staff will advise you of this GAP fee prior to booking your procedure/s

Work over / CTP Covered patients

Once Sydney Pain Specialists receives approval documentation for your procedure, your Third party insurer will be invoiced at the completion of the procedure. You will not incur any fees.

Hospital admission Forms

Prior to your procedure, you will be provided with two forms:

Booking form: This form contains information regarding date and time and location of procedure.

Consent form: The signed consent form indicates that the procedure/s has been explained to you and that you are consenting to have the procedure/s performed by your Pain Specialist.

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